About the Bay Area Green Business Program

The Bay Area Green Business Program, a founding member of the California Green Business Program, verifies that businesses meet our higher standards of environmental performance. Our partnership of government agencies and utilities helps local businesses comply with environmental regulations and take additional actions to conserve resources, prevent pollution, minimize waste, and reduce their carbon footprint. We offer businesses and agencies an easy-to-use framework for improving environmental performance. More than 2,300 businesses and public agencies have been certified since 1996.

The Association of Bay Area Governments coordinates the Program, which is managed by local Coordinators in the 9 San Francisco Bay Area counties. Funding comes from the counties and their partners, including cities, regional and state agencies, utilities, special districts and nonprofit organizations.

The coordinators develop regional standards that businesses must meet to qualify. The standards provide businesses an easy-to-use framework for greening their operations and getting certified. We strive for consistency. However, since regulations, priorities, and services vary, the measures businesses must implement may differ slightly from county to county.

About the California Green Business Program.

Legislation signed in 2011 conferred official state status on the Bay Area Green Business Program and affiliated Programs around the state. California Green Business Program membership confers additional prestige on our businesses.

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