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Example Environmental Policy

by | 08/13/2013

This is an example environmental policy that you can adapt and specify to your business and have signed by an officer on letterhead.

Green Purchasing Policy Template

by | 08/26/2013

This model policy was developed to be straightforward and consistent with our checklist. Feel free to use this-- but make changes so it is applicable to you! Delete and change things so it is easy to follow, add product links or specs, etc. Make it a useful tool.

Workshop for Businesses

by | 12/29/2014

This presentation is a workshop for businesses interested in becoming certified.

GHG Calculator

by | 06/03/2015

The greenhouse gas calculator helps businesses quantify their carbon footprint by entering energy use and other metrics.

Green Team project management template

by | 01/19/2016

Keep track of your business' progress through the Green Business Program. Assign employees to specific measures, and designate deadlines for the completion of the project.