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Energy Star Portfolio Manager

Applies to Commercial Properties Only: The Energy Star program does not offer a rating for multi-family properties.

Benchmarking through ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager


The ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager is the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) interactive energy management tool that allows you to track and assess energy and water consumption of your buildings. It generates weather-normalized energy intensity and greenhouse gas emissions metrics for all buildings, as well as a percentile energy performance score for many building types. Users can see time trending information and compare facilities within their portfolio.

PG&E's Automated Benchmarking Service (ABS) provides ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager with historical energy usage data and updates it monthly so you don’t have to enter meter data manually for each month.

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Why benchmark?

  • Assess energy performance baselines for buildings and set goals for improvement
  • Track and report on energy performance, costs, and environmental impact over time, for individual buildings and entire portfolios
  • Comply with California Assembly Bill 1103, which requires disclosure of benchmarking data at the point of whole building real estate transactions
  • Comply with the new San Francisco Ordinance that requires benchmarking of buildings >/= 10,000 square feet in 2011
  • Receive a prestigious ENERGY STAR label with scores above 75
  • Earn points toward LEED® certification