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Less Toxic Cleaning Resources

When evaluating or choosing new cleaning products, some good resources include:

  • Look for a 3rd party product certification. Three that you can rely on include: Green Seal, EcoLogo and Design for the Environment.
  • City of San Francisco’s  Department of the Environment has evaluated a wide range of products. Go to:
  • For cleaning in the office kitchen, washing dishes, and hand sanitizers, here's an info source:
  • Some local vendors, such as Give Something Back, Radston's and Blaisdell's, can assist with 'green' choices.
  • For the office kitchen, look for manufacturers such as Seventh Generation, Bio-Kleen and Ecover.
  • Avoid hand soaps and dishwashing liquid labeled “antibacterial”.
  • Some local vendors, such as Give Something Back, Radston's,, and Blaisdell's can assist with 'green' choices.