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Waste Diversion

San Francisco’s goal is Zero Waste by 2020. You can recycle or compost just about anything in San Francisco and save your business money. Here are some actions you can take to work towards a Zero Waste Future:

1.       Make recycling and compost bins readily available to employees and customers and remove black bins from your office.

2.       Use the sign-maker at to make your custom zero waste signs.

3.       Conduct regular trainings for your staff on materials that belong in each bin. Send electronic reminders to your staff on items that (you find) are often placed in the wrong bin (such as coffee cup sleeves, soiled napkins etc).

4.       Collect batteries, electronics, fluorescent lights, plastic bags, and/or scrap metal for proper disposal with a small, well-marked bin near the waste stations.

How to document: Take pictures of your bins and signage.