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Efficient Lighting

The SF Green Business program allows no T12 lamps or magnetic ballasts, and the City of San Francisco will soon outlaw them as well. The T12/magnetic ballast combination uses more energy, has higher levels of toxic materials, and puts out less light. Get rid of these systems before it's too late!

Replacing T-12 (1.5” diameter) fluorescent lighting with T-8 (1” diameter) or T-5 lamps (5/8” diameter) can save over 20 kWh per lamp per year and provide similar, if not better lighting. T-8 and T-8 lamps typically use more efficient electronic ballasts, which also provide considerable savings over traditional magnetic ballasts used with T-12 lamps.

            How to document: Save and scan receipts from all T-8 and T-5 purchases, electronic ballast purchases and installation service records.