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Join the California Green Business Network.

In 2005, programs throughout the state formed the California Green Business Network which meets regularly to share experiences, and promote consistency and efficient operations. The California Green Business Network is a group of local governments operating similar green business programs. Network members collaborated on the development of a database that quantifies environmental benefits, which manages the process from the time a business applies until it achieves Green Business status, and provides searchable listings to allow potential customers to easily find Green Businesses throughout the state. The database accumulates environmental outcome data at the program or state level based on the specific practices implemented by businesses qualifying for certification. The CAGBN currently includes 21 active programs, which collectively have certified over 2700 businesses.

Due to history and experience of the CAGBN, new members can now join and benefit from a well-established network of programs. Joining the CAGBN is like receiving a “program in a box”. New users can learn from the tried and true practices of other programs, receive training in establishing their own programs, copy existing checklists, benefit from statewide marketing, and become part of and use the statewide database.

Green Business Programs (GBPs) are voluntary, local government administered environmental recognition programs for businesses that go beyond compliance and implement environmental practices. GBPs develop and customize environmental standards by business type, provide onsite consultation support to help businesses with implementation and recognize businesses that meet the standards. Green Business standards cover a range of environmental issues, such as waste minimization, energy efficiency, water conservation, and pollution prevention. Local government agencies offering GBPs provide free or low cost services to participating businesses ad have recognized over 2,500 California businesses.

The California Green Business Program Network (CAGBN) is a coalition of 21 GBPs in California that collectively represent over 40% of the State. CAGBN provides a forum for GBPs to share information and to set policies that ensure consistency across the State. Since its development in 2009, CAGBN created an electronic system to help Green Businesses track their status and measure their environmental benefits. CAGBN continues to host and maintain the system for its members. While the State DTSC provided seed funding to help build the system, DTSC no longer owns or maintains the system. Currently, the system is owned by CCSF and maintained jointly by CAGBN members through membership fees.

Governance: CAGBN is lead by a Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary. These positions are filled by member GBPs on a rotating basis. For the year 2013, these positions are held by:

Chair: Courtney Lindberg, City of Ventura

Vice Chair: Lisa Ryder, City of Manhattan Beach

Secretary / Treasurer: Narcisa Untal, Solano County

In addition, CAGBN has set up various sub-committees to advance its mission.

All CAGBN members implement GBPs in accordance with the Operating Guidelines. If you are a local jurisdiction interested in joining CAGBN, please review the Operating Guidelines and contact .

General CAGBN Enquiries:
Enquiries related to CAGBN tracking and measurement system:

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